Thompson admits to doubt Mohamed Salah

Thompson admits to doubt Mohamed Salah

The Liverpool legend, Phil Thompson admitted himself at the start was not sure Mohamed Salah would shine at Anfield

The doubt is because the first period of play in the Premier League with Chelsea at that time really unpleasant, which recorded for two seasons the player only appear 13 games in the main team. That too often as a substitute.

As a result the retainer of the Egyptian national team must be loaned to Fiorentina. However, while playing with La Viola actually improved his appearance and proved AS Roma attracted to memboyongnya in the 2015-2016 season, and during playing two seasons at the Estadio Olimpico, performance increasingly slick. The result itself has scored 29 goals in Serie A and Liverpool secretly monitor its progress.

But at the start of the season, many people were surprised by the Reds’ management that even brought Salah, including Thompson who at that time did not agree with the club plans that he had defended.

But the doubt was able to answer well by the 25-year-old player by showing a glorious appearance and recorded himself has now scored 12 goals in the Premier League until the week to 14.

“Before I was a man who dared to say no, when the club wants to recruit him in the summer, because I see this player does not contribute greatly to Chelsea.”

“But when he was in Rome, I looked at the player’s stats and thought not only the goals he produced but also the assists.”

Ferdinand: Talent of Rashford Equals with Mbappe

Ferdinand: Talent of Rashford Equals with Mbappe

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand says that talent from Marcus Rashford is not inferior to the talents of Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe is one of the most vibrant young strikers on the European football stage. He is currently playing for PSG, and builds a deadly trident with Edinson Cavani and Neymar.

Rashford recorded a remarkable record, with always creating a goal, in every game he played a debut. Currently, he is one of the confidants of Jose Mourinho, and Ferdinand believes that the 20-year-old striker will be able to reach the level of the game from the former courtier of Monaco.

“You’ve seen Dembele go to Barcelona, ​​and Mbappe is going to PSG,” the Englishman told reporters. “Do you think Rashford belongs to the same kind as them?”

“I think potentially, he’s as good as the two of them. But they have managed to prove their ability in the Champions League, while he still has not managed to prove it.

“He must continue to prove his ability, there will be many obstacles that must be passed. I think it’s too soon for us to think young players can be [one of the legends of football legend]. ”

“If he continues to improve his performance, continue to coach his game, stay in love with football, he has the same opportunities as other players, to be successful, and become a star.”

Backup Sergio Aguero, Promise Pep Guardiola Questionable

Backup Sergio Aguero, Promise Pep Guardiola Questionable

Pep Guardiola promised to help Sergio Aguero break Manchester City’s record of goals and make a new record at Etihad. Currently, Aguero need three more goals to pass the record of Eric Brook (177 goals).

Aguero chance to get it when City entertain Crystal Palace who have not got points so far on Saturday (23/9). After last week he re-reserved against West Bromwich.

Guardiola who reserved Aguero for Gabriel Jesus last season insisted it was only a matter of time before the Argentine player became the club’s top scorer.

“It will happen,” Guardiola said. “He will get the record,” quoted from (23/9).

“Secondly he should be proud and City should also be proud.”

“Playing long in one place and breaking the record is fantastic. I’ll try to help him get more goals. ”

Consistent until the end

Aguero’s performance has been extraordinary this season and has been the key to their special start in the Premier League, their record is exactly the same as Manchester United. However, Guardiola also reminded last season they won 10 games in a row at the start of the season, but ultimately difficulty.

“Last season we were pretty good, quite similar, but our points were lacking,” he said.

“It was a good season, but not good enough to fight with Tottenham and Chelsea.”

“Our only regret is that we did not fight until the end. In the Champions League and Premier League we did not fight until the end because we were not good. ”

After a fight against Crystal Palace, Manchester City will host Shaktar Donetsk in the Champions League on Thursday (27/9) and three days later they travel to Chelsea. (Source:

Mourinho: Neymar Transfer Greatly Affects The Price Of Other Players

Mourinho: Neymar Transfer Greatly Affects The Price Of Other Players

According to Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho, a transfer from Brazilian national Neymar caused a high price effect on other players.

Neymar redeemed by the Paris Saint-Germain from Barcelona for 220 million Pounds, namuun The Special One assume today many are transfixed by the price.

“The arrival of Neymar to PSG enough to affect the value of the transfer of the other players, we see, Coutinho alone finally carried off at a price of 100 Million Pounds,” said Mourinho.

“Currently the view is different, players who cost maybe 20 Million Pounds, will change 2-fold to 40 million Pounds, this is all because they’ve pegged to 200 Million Pounds,” Connect Mourinho.

Ozil Asks Arsenal Legend Mute

Ozil Asks Arsenal Legend Mute

Playmaker Arsenal, Mesut Ozil urged that the club legend that he defended immediately end the criticism of him Game Judi Online.

After the Gunners swallowed two consecutive defeats each from Stoke City and Liverpool in English Premier League this summer some famous footballers claimed poor results due to the retainer of the German national team which is not very satisfactory appearance.

Even the 4-0 defeat of the Reds made Emmanuel Petit ask for Arsene Wenger to immediately sell it in the transfer market in January if its performance does not change.

Likewise the fans who question the quality of the players and feel unhappy, the article of the North London club did not show a good performance at the beginning of the season.

So a negative result in the early summer should make them scattered on the bottom of the standings and before the match counter Norway in the international game World Cup qualifying players who are strengthening the country’s request that the legends menyudahinya and even he asked that they give great support.

“Personally I have received a lot of criticism during my stay in London,” Mesut Ozil said in his Instagram.

“Where I am too expensive, too greedy, bad body language and less fighting. This is what people say about me. Some of these comments were made by those who did not recognize me, even made by ex-players who were both successful and unsuccessful while in club.

“Although criticism is something that should be handled and accepted by all football players, but I expect the legends to act like a legend.

“My advice from now on to former Gunners players is to stop talking about my exaggeration and start supporting!”

Sharp criticism that continues to flow for the 28-year-old player after Arsenal last season only finish in fifth place Premier League standings, which clearly makes them absent in the Champions League.

Klopp Tawar 18 million Pounds for Howedes

Klopp Tawar 18 million Pounds for Howedes

Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp, is now offering 18 million Pounds Sterling to Schalke for Benedikt Howedes Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

The German manager is judging Howedes is the right player to strengthen the Reds defense this season.

Not only targeting Howedes, Klopp also is eyeing Arsenal midfielder, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Although Klopp currently want to bring these two players, until now the Gunners or Schalke still has not provided any confirmation.

Hoedt Pleased Join Southampton

Hoedt Pleased Join Southampton

New Southampton defender Wesley Hoedt says he is happy now to be in the Premier League for a long time.

Previously, the player was playing for Lazio but thanks to his glorious performances during grazing in Italian Serie A, Soton this summer immediately brought him to St Mary.

After signing a contract for five seasons the 23-year-old Dutch national team is determined to provide the best for his club under the direction of Maurico Pellegrino.

“I’m really happy to be here,” Wesley Hoedt told the club’s official website.

“I think Southampton is a very big club, so the next step is good for me coming here and to play in the Premier League.

“And try to help give the best.”

Wenger wants Chamberlain to stay at Arsenal

Wenger wants Chamberlain to stay at Arsenal

Arsenal’s Arsenal tactician Arsene Wenger says he wants Alex Oxlade Chamberlain not to leave this summer.

The performance is fantastic and still reluctantly retainer British national team signed a new contract, then a number of clubs are now interested in bringing it and Chelsea touted the most serious with his services. Even the two sides reportedly are in talks to reach an agreement.

However, ahead of the game against Stoke City this weekend. The Frenchman hopes the 23-year-old is not tempted to bid from another club.

“Yes, I consider him one of the players who are on top and have made great progress,” Arsene Wenger told the media.

“Personally, I want him to stay here for a long time.”

Klopp: Meet Hoffenheim Interesting


Klopp: Meet Hoffenheim Interesting

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has stated that meeting Hoffenheim next Wednesday in the Champions League qualifiers is very much awaiting and challenging Judi Poker Online.

Where, the German club is one of the teams that is not easy faced because of having a good squad and they have a very young tactics tactics, which is quite successful because the article has given the title for the club at the level of U-19 in the competition 2013- 2014 ago

Even though they have been left behind by players like Sebastian Rudy and Niklas Sule, but they still have classy names Andrej Kramaric and also Serge Gnabry.

Interestingly the club that had been defended by Roberto Firmino was last season able to finish in the top four with an impressive record. Where are able to excel teams such as Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke and also Wolfsburg.

With that record then Jurgen felt the lagan will not be easy, but the 50-year-old coach called very looking forward to the first game that took place at Wirsol Rhein Neckar Arena.

“Very interesting. Actually, exactly as I expected when I looked. If there is an option, it looks like we will meet the German team! Sorry !, “Jurgen Klopp said on the club’s official website.

“Of course it is clear from the first when we know who we are facing that there will not be an easy game. We will meet Hoffenheim and it certainly is not an easy game.

“But we must always not forget what they think when they see the draw. It’s not the best they can get

“I’m fine with it, happy to know it and now we can start preparing it. I think they are a strong team, how anyone can imagine it. When you are fourth in Germany, you are a strong team.

“This is a very interesting club. They have a lot of really good young players. They lost two of their players like Sebastian Rudy and Niklas Sule who decided to Bayern and they get a little change.

“However, they have a very young coach, only 30 years old, a very talented man.

“That’s the real challenge but I’m looking forward to it. First we will play against Watford but at the same moment we will start preparing for Hoffenheim and this is very interesting. “

Klopp Ensure Barca’s Wish to Recruit Coutinho in Vain

Klopp Ensure Barca’s Wish to Recruit Coutinho in Vain

Jurgen Kalopp said Barcelona should keep their power in the pursuit of Philippe Courinho because it is a futile job.

Since rejecting the £ 72million bid for Coutinho from Barcelona last month, Liverpool still insist the Brazilian player is not sold at any price.

The 25-year-old continues to be approached by Barcelona which potentially loses Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain this summer. Although until now, there has been no clarity either from Barca, PSG or Neymar.

When asked about Barcelona’s interest in Coutinho during a press conference in Munich, Klopp replied: “I can understand Coutinho’s coveted players, but they can save his energy,” quoted by (1/8).

Klopp spoke to the media after they won 3-0 against Bayern Munchen on Wednesday ahead of the opening of the Audi Cup. However, the victory at the Allianz Arena was a bit worse when Daniel Sturridge was forced out with a few injuries after scoring Liverpool’s third goal.

However, the striker knew it was just a matter of exhaustion and hoped it was fine. “It’s a bit of a tension when kicking,” Sturridge told Liverpool’s official television. “We run a lot, work a lot – we practice on the morning before the match and things like that,”

“I think it’s tired, to be honest, I’ll be fine,”

Klopp then added: “She feels pain in her thighs. He’s well prepared and I hope this is just a minor injury and he can play very quickly, ”

“His goal was really great and he had a chance before, you can see how fast he is, I do not think there’s anything serious,”

Sturridge has a fairly complex injury record and could make the absence of a season. And after performing surgery as well as restoring the problem Sturridge has also not been over, he has trouble with fitness. Last season Sturridge only appeared seven times as a starter in the Premier League. (Source:

Alan Smith: Alexis Sanchez should be sold


Alan Smith: Alexis Sanchez should be sold

Alan Smith, the Arsenal hero of the 1987-1995 era. 54-year-old man was successfully recorded 86 goals in 264 games. He managed to bring Arsenal into champions FA Cup, Football League Cup and UEFA Cup Judi Online Terpercaya.

Alan Martian Smith suggested the Gunners to immediately release Alexis Sanchez.

The 28-year-old is scheduled to return to training on Sunday, but Sanchez has just stated that he is unwell through Instagram social networking.

Manchester City and Paris Saint-German are the two teams that are likely to anchor the attacker. Arsenal are also rumored to offer Sanchez to Real Madrid.

The player born December 19, 1988 was admitted to want to play in the Champions League next season. While Los Blancos have not yet cast a formal offer, Sanchez could be their front-line solution.

On the media, Smith said: “What’s more, the thought of holding a player who can give you 60 million Euros, or to wait 12 months and get it off for free, I can not believe it.”

“It’s easy, let him go, get the money and move on.”

Mourinho: Lukaku Got Good Team Cooperation

Mourinho: Lukaku Got Good Team Cooperation

Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho, said Romelu Lukaku is one player who has a good teamwork.

The Special One’s discussion of Lukaku was not about the goal produced at the counter Real Salt Lake a few days ago, he was more concerned with the cohesiveness.

“With regard to goals, I have spoken before the game starts, the goal is not one I think and I do not think it matters to me, it is already his job,” Mourinho said.

“But I just enjoyed the game from the side of how he seeks opportunities and can take advantage of the conditions, I like the game like that.”

Klopp: I’m Not Worrying About Player Transfer

Klopp: I’m Not Worrying About Player Transfer

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp insists he will not panic because of the slow movement of his team in the transfer market.

Now noted the new Reds bring in two front-line players like Dominic Solanke and also Mohamed Salah. Where is different not like rival in Merseyside that is Everton, which has brought more than three quality players.

Despite persistent fans and football legends, the 50-year-old German tactician will remain calm in bringing a new face to Anfield.

“If every fan thinks ‘What the other team did and why we did not do anything’, I can not help. Sorry, “Jurgen Klopp told the media.

“We can not buy players because other teams have already bought players. We will do our business as well as we can and we are confident about our way.

“Fans nervous? Sorry I do not need to write this message. I’m not nervous-maybe that’s a message. “

Ozil Hopes Sanchez Stay at Arsenal

Ozil Hopes Sanchez Stay at Arsenal

Arsenal playmaker Mesut Ozil has stated that he wants Alexis Sanchez to stay at Emirates Stadium Agen Casino Online.

The future of the former Barcelona player is now unclear at London Colney, because the player is still reluctant to sign a new contract that the club proposed. Precisely recently the retainer of Chile’s national team requested a salary increase of 400,000 thousand Pounds per week.

But until now the Gunners have not provided an answer to his demands.

Even clubs like Manchester City and Bayern Munchen are reportedly currently utilizing the situation at Arsenal. Nevertheless, but Ozil hopes that the 28-year-old forward will stay.

“It will be a blow if he leaves the team, because he is a player always contribute,” Mesut Ozil told the media.

“I think it will be a setback too to win the title without him, but in the end it is all a player’s decision.

“I hope Alexis stays. He has a lot of value as a player and he will fit perfectly with the Arsenal game.

“From my point of view, I would appreciate it if he stayed, but it was a player’s decision and I can not comment much.”

PSG young Filipino goalkeeper was the target of The Blues in anticipation of the departure of Courtois.

PSG young Filipino goalkeeper was the target of The Blues in anticipation of the departure of Courtois.

Chelsea is said to be monitoring the situation of Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Alphonse Areola.

The Blues move is done given the growing strength of transfer rumors Thibaut Courtois, although in recent months there has been no official offer from Real Madrid as a club enthusiasts.

Chelsea Cancel Gaet Alex Sandro?

English Premier League champions 2016/17 season has brought former Manchester City goalkeeper Willy Caballero this summer as a replacement for Asmir Begovic who left for Bournemouth.

However, according to news reported by Transfermarketweb, Areola would be the main target that was plotted to replace Courtois if the Belgian international goalkeeper decided to leave Stamford Bridge.

Napoli and Valencia are also called interested in bringing 24-year-old PSG goalkeeper who has Philippine lineage.

Caballero menegaskan Manchester City masih dalam perburuan gelar

Willy Caballero bersikeras Manchester City masih dalam perburuan gelar Premier League saat mereka mempersiapkan diri untuk mengambil Bournemouth.

laki-laki Pep Guardiola menemukan diri mereka kelima dalam tabel menjelang pertemuan hari Senin, membuntuti pemimpin Chelsea dengan 11 poin.

Kemenangan di Stadion Vitality akan melihat mereka naik ke tempat kedua, meskipun, dan Caballero tetap optimis peluang timnya memenangkan liga.

“Kami akan berjuang sampai akhir,” kata kiper situs resmi klub.

“Kami ingin terlibat dalam perjuangan untuk judul dan kami akan berjuang sampai pertandingan terakhir untuk bersaing dengan Chelsea dan lain-lain.

“Kami sedikit jauh dari Chelsea baccarat online sekarang tapi kita harus melakukan pekerjaan kami dan memenangkan pertandingan berikutnya.

“Kita harus pergi langkah-demi-langkah dan memiliki sedikit keberuntungan untuk melihat Chelsea drop beberapa poin. Kami adalah tim besar dan kami harus fokus pada pencapaian besar.”