Satria Tama Can Praise Madura United Coach

Satria Tama Can Praise Madura United Coach

Madura United fulfills its ambition to subvert Persegres Gresik United. In the League 1 match held at the Petrokimia Stadium, Gresik, Tuesday (26/09/2017) night, Madura United won 3-0 Agen Bola Terpercaya.

The winning goal of the Gomes de Oliviera landing team was produced by Engelberd Sani in the eighth minute, Thiago Furtuoso (58 ‘) and Fachruddin Wahyudi Aryanto (72’).

However, Gomes still give praise to Persegres goalkeeper, Satria Tama, who managed to thwart some good opportunities Madura United.

“He (Satria Tama) is very good in my eyes, like a leader. I see he is young but playing like a senior, “said Gomes after the match.

In the game, Satria Tama again showed his quality with several times thwart the opponent’s chances. He also several times had to get out of the nest to dispel the Madura United attack so that the goal only conceded three times.

But when met after the game, Satria Tama said it is not worthy to bear praise to play well in the game. For him, it was useless because Persegres lost.

“Where’s a good goalkeeper whose team is losing? Sorry I’m no longer able to speak, let others just give a comment, “said Satria Tama with a disappointed tone.

After returning from the Indonesian national team and recovering from injury, Satria Tama is the main choice under the crossbar. Unfortunately, the skill of Satria Tama is not balanced with solid defense so that Persegres goalkeeper still often collapse.

Lilipaly’s ambition during the Fiji national team

Lilipaly’s ambition during the Fiji national team

Midfielder Stefano Lilipaly said he was happy to be called Luis Milla to strengthen Indonesia’s national team in a friendly against Fiji at Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi on Saturday (2/9/201) at 16.00 WIB.

“Always happy to strengthen the national team,” said Lilipaly told, Monday (28/08/2017).

For Lilipaly, this is a second call to strengthen the national team during 2017.

Previously, the Dutch naturals players appear to strengthen Red and White in a test match against Puerto Rico at Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Tuesday (13/06/2017).

Lilipaly hopes to give the victory for Indonesia in a friendly match later.

“My target is to win and make supporters happy,” said the Bali United player.

Lilipaly is one of four Bali United players called up by the national team. In addition to Lilipaly, there are names Irfan Bachdim, I Gede Sukadana and Fadil Sausu.

Test match against Fiji is the fourth test for the national team in 2017. Previously, they were against Myanmar, Cambodia and Puerto Rico.

Here are 20 names of Indonesia vs Fiji national team players

Goalkeepers: Kurnia Meiga (Arema FC), Andritany Ardhiyasa (Persija)

Bach Wahyudi (Arema FC), Manahati Lestusen (PS TNI), Fachruddin Aryanto (Madura United), Ahmad Jufriyanto (Persib), Abdul Rahman (Borneo FC), Ahmad Alfarizi (Arema FC)

Midfielder: Adam Alis (Arema FC), Gede Sukadana (Bali United), Bayu Pradana (Mitra Kukar), Fadil Sausu (Bali United), Andik Vermansyah (Selangor FA), Stefano Lilipaly (Bali United), Slamet Nurcahyo (Madura United) , Irfan Bachdim (Bali United), Rizki Pora (Barito Putera), M. Rahmat (PSM)

Striker: Boaz Salossa (Persipura), Lerby Eliandry (Borneo FC)

Arema FC Officially Introduces Its New Backed

Arema FC Officially Introduces Its New Backed

By the 19th week of League 1 Arema FC formally introduced one of his new players who will strengthen the back line. Ahmet Atayev introduced the management of Arema accompanied by Mekan Nasyirov in Arema office at Jalan Kertanegara, Tuesday (8/8) this afternoon.

Atayev has twice participated in the training of Singo Edan troops led by Joko Susilo. Later, she will be wearing a 90 back number.

“The verification submitted has been received by PSSI, the medical test result is quite good, just waiting for the IPTA awaiting process in the near future,” said General Manager Arema, Ruddy Widodo.

The player who is familiarly called Ahmet admitted to choose to join Arema FC because he knows from a few seasons ago when Arema entered the AFC Cup. Seeing the strength and style of playing Arema, Ahmet did not think twice when offered to join.

“I often see Arema from YouTube and social media that exist, not only the team play but I am impressed with the fanatical supporters of Aremania supporting his team,” Ahmet told

In addition, the selection of the number 90 is not without cause. Ahmet’s love of nine made him choose his lucky number at Arema.

“I actually want to wear number 19, because it’s the same as my back number in the previous team, but in Arema FC already wearing, I finally chose the number 90 because according to my birth year,” he added.

All Abilities

Ahmet also promised to give his best ability. He wants to gain full trust from the coach until the end of the season.

“I will try, yes if I can become one of the players who can bring Arema into a champion,” he said.

Arema will face an important game versus Persib Bandung in League 1, this weekend. However, it is not known whether Ahmet will be directly deployed. *

Neville makes Beckham and Terry likewise likes League Euforia 1

Neville makes Beckham and Terry likewise likes League Euforia 1

Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, had a big impact on Indonesian football when he watched the League 1 game in Gianyar, Bali Agen Bola Online. Therefore, his presence attracted the attention of a number of soccer stars of the world, which makes Indonesia also affected positively.

Recently, Neville directly watch the duel between the host of Bali United with PSM Makassar at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Sunday (23/07/2017). Special moments that immortalized Neville through his Instagram account.

Suddenly, his uploads immediately attracted the attention of many people, especially the soccer lovers of the country. Not only that, it turns out the world football stars also come to respond.

As quoted by BolaSport from his Instagram account, @ gneville2, Tuesday (25/7/2017), the two world soccer stars are David Beckham and John Terry. Beckham and Terry were caught up with Neville’s moment-mates who were recording euphoria videos supported by supporters at I Wayan Dipta Stadium.

In the video it looks meriahnya support provided by the fans in a match that ended with a score of 3-0 for Bali United. The fanfare of the fans made Neville unnerved. In fact, Neville claimed to love the atmosphere of Indonesian football.

“He likes the atmosphere of Indonesian football after watching the game,” said CEO of Bali United, Yabes Tanuri, Monday (07/24/2017).

Not only watching the game, Neville also took time to visit the dressing room of the players of Bali United. There, some players and officials Bali United menyempatkanikan special moment with the legend of The Red Devils it.

Neville is enjoying a holiday in Bali. During the island, the former England national team defender also took time to enjoy the beautiful rice fields in the area of ​​Ubud, Bali.