Thompson admits to doubt Mohamed Salah

Thompson admits to doubt Mohamed Salah

The Liverpool legend, Phil Thompson admitted himself at the start was not sure Mohamed Salah would shine at Anfield

The doubt is because the first period of play in the Premier League with Chelsea at that time really unpleasant, which recorded for two seasons the player only appear 13 games in the main team. That too often as a substitute.

As a result the retainer of the Egyptian national team must be loaned to Fiorentina. However, while playing with La Viola actually improved his appearance and proved AS Roma attracted to memboyongnya in the 2015-2016 season, and during playing two seasons at the Estadio Olimpico, performance increasingly slick. The result itself has scored 29 goals in Serie A and Liverpool secretly monitor its progress.

But at the start of the season, many people were surprised by the Reds’ management that even brought Salah, including Thompson who at that time did not agree with the club plans that he had defended.

But the doubt was able to answer well by the 25-year-old player by showing a glorious appearance and recorded himself has now scored 12 goals in the Premier League until the week to 14.

“Before I was a man who dared to say no, when the club wants to recruit him in the summer, because I see this player does not contribute greatly to Chelsea.”

“But when he was in Rome, I looked at the player’s stats and thought not only the goals he produced but also the assists.”

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