Problem Assist for Messi, Suarez Just Lose from Alves and Xavi

Problem Assist for Messi, Suarez Just Lose from Alves and Xavi

Supreme FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi (30), has collected 11 goals in the Spanish league season 2017-2018 season. The record is the best start La Pulga, Messi nickname, after the first seven league games melakoni.

This is not separated from the figure who hooked to serve Messi to thrill the opponent’s nets in La Liga competition. As reported by from Opta Jose, the players who most often provide assists for Messi in the Spanish League is Dani Alves.

Right-back who is now uniformed Paris Saint-Germain has packed 26 assists for Messi. In the second position, came the name of the legendary midfielder La Blaugrana, nicknamed Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernandez. During a team, Xavi successfully contributed 21 assists for Messi.

Interestingly, in third place is a football player who is still a teammate Messi in Barcelona. He is Luis Suarez, who has donated 19 assists for the tiny Argentine striker.

The combination of Messi and Suarez in this season gives a good impact for Barca. They are firmly at the top of the standings for always winning to scoop the perfect number, 21, five ahead of Sevilla in second.

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