Conti: Ibrahimovic Can Help Milan

Conti: Ibrahimovic Can Help Milan

Andrea Conti wanted Zlatan ibrahimovic to join him in Milan, but Jose Mourinho signaled if the striker could return to Manchester United Agen Poker Online.

The Swede’s retainer must be sidelined with his ACL injury, and then released by The Red Devils at the end of his contract term.

“Ibrahimovic is a great player, I do not have to say that,” the defender told the media.

“He is the champion and he has won everything, he can certainly play a big part here.”

Nevertheless, United coach Mourinho spoke to the media and signaled that Ibrahimovic could return to Old Trafford.

“Maybe he’ll stay with us. He does not have any contracts, but he is still close to Manchester, and in fact we were able to perform in the Super Cup as well because he took part. “

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