Alan Smith: Alexis Sanchez should be sold


Alan Smith: Alexis Sanchez should be sold

Alan Smith, the Arsenal hero of the 1987-1995 era. 54-year-old man was successfully recorded 86 goals in 264 games. He managed to bring Arsenal into champions FA Cup, Football League Cup and UEFA Cup Judi Online Terpercaya.

Alan Martian Smith suggested the Gunners to immediately release Alexis Sanchez.

The 28-year-old is scheduled to return to training on Sunday, but Sanchez has just stated that he is unwell through Instagram social networking.

Manchester City and Paris Saint-German are the two teams that are likely to anchor the attacker. Arsenal are also rumored to offer Sanchez to Real Madrid.

The player born December 19, 1988 was admitted to want to play in the Champions League next season. While Los Blancos have not yet cast a formal offer, Sanchez could be their front-line solution.

On the media, Smith said: “What’s more, the thought of holding a player who can give you 60 million Euros, or to wait 12 months and get it off for free, I can not believe it.”

“It’s easy, let him go, get the money and move on.”

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