Newly Retired From Football, Cassano Can Be Singer Bids

Newly Retired From Football, Cassano Can Be Singer Bids

Antonio Cassano has just announced his retirement from professional football. It was the second time Cassano declared hanging up in just a week.

After deciding to finish being a professional footballer, Cassano can immediately bid as captain of the Italian National Singing team.

35-year-old figure was actually just signed a contract with Hellas Verona this summer. But his condition in Verona away from the family, made him decide to retreat from the world of football.

“Dear Antonio,” wrote the legendary singer Gianni Morandi on Facebook.

“Your great talent is never in doubt, there are even people in Italy who say that no one ever matches your quality in the field.

“You announce your retirement, it’s a shame … but I just have an idea. I know you love music, so why do not we record a song together, that way you can become our team captain, Nazionale Italiana Cantanti?

“Then you can play football until the age of 70!”

The national team of Italian singers plays several games each year. The purpose of the game is to raise funds that will be used for charity.

If indeed Cassano eventually dived into a singer, he is not the first former Italian player to do so. Previously, the legendary Italian striker Christian Vieri has also done it. The former AC Milan and Inter Milan striker had time to become a dancer in the reality show event in pizza country. (Source: Italian Football)

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