Neville makes Beckham and Terry likewise likes League Euforia 1

Neville makes Beckham and Terry likewise likes League Euforia 1

Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, had a big impact on Indonesian football when he watched the League 1 game in Gianyar, Bali Agen Bola Online. Therefore, his presence attracted the attention of a number of soccer stars of the world, which makes Indonesia also affected positively.

Recently, Neville directly watch the duel between the host of Bali United with PSM Makassar at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Sunday (23/07/2017). Special moments that immortalized Neville through his Instagram account.

Suddenly, his uploads immediately attracted the attention of many people, especially the soccer lovers of the country. Not only that, it turns out the world football stars also come to respond.

As quoted by BolaSport from his Instagram account, @ gneville2, Tuesday (25/7/2017), the two world soccer stars are David Beckham and John Terry. Beckham and Terry were caught up with Neville’s moment-mates who were recording euphoria videos supported by supporters at I Wayan Dipta Stadium.

In the video it looks meriahnya support provided by the fans in a match that ended with a score of 3-0 for Bali United. The fanfare of the fans made Neville unnerved. In fact, Neville claimed to love the atmosphere of Indonesian football.

“He likes the atmosphere of Indonesian football after watching the game,” said CEO of Bali United, Yabes Tanuri, Monday (07/24/2017).

Not only watching the game, Neville also took time to visit the dressing room of the players of Bali United. There, some players and officials Bali United menyempatkanikan special moment with the legend of The Red Devils it.

Neville is enjoying a holiday in Bali. During the island, the former England national team defender also took time to enjoy the beautiful rice fields in the area of ​​Ubud, Bali.

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