Abate Recognizes the Greatness of Bonucci

Abate Recognizes the Greatness of Bonucci

AC Milan defender Ignazio Abate called Leonardo Bonucci a great player, and convinced if his eye condition is much better Live Casino Resmi.

The player who also competed in the Italian national team squad has been sidelined since February due to eye problems, but has returned in pre-season with Edgar Davids-style goggles.

“My eyes are much better,” Abate said at a press conference today.

“Every day goes by I feel better. Of course I still need to train as hard as I can to ensure myself is ready to follow the game. ”

“The transfer market? All newcomers show their talent. ”

“Bonucci? He’s a great player, a fact we got that he got from a team like Juventus. ”

“I’m sure he will give us a much better result in this season’s game.”

Bonucci moved to Milan on July 14 for € 42 million and a five-year contract.

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